Get all your cravings met is a website where one can order Bangladeshi grocery items from the comfort of their own homes and get them delivered to their door.

Those of us living far away from our motherland know how much we miss the delicious food we used to have back home. We also then realize how out-of-reach those particular items are, and as a result, most of those cravings are left unmet. Surely, we all have faced a time or two when something we needed to make that one dish perfect was just not available in the stores nearby. Some ingredients are very difficult to find in smaller cities when it comes to Bangladeshi products.

Getting crispy, savory snacks such as Ruchi Chanachur and Bombay Sweet’s Potato Crackers among many others in places such as college towns can seem as rare as finding a Royal Bengal Tiger! Oh, and Chotpoti! Wouldn’t it feel just amazing to have all the ingredients to make Chotpoti sent right at home? Then we would no longer need to depend solely on any particular store’s availability.

I realized that this is not a problem which only I face. Unless you live 2 minutes away from Jackson Heights (in which case I envy you!) I am sure you can relate with this struggle. So, in 2020, we took it all in our own hands and built our Dream Team with our closest friends. Together, we created

Although the initial thought was to just get yummy snacks, we wondered why not get all kinds of Bangladeshi grocery items out there, for everyone? We would also like easy access to Baghabari Ghee, Toast Biscuits, Radhuni’s Mustard Oil, Rice, Lentils, Spices, and all other deshi products we want to keep in our kitchen and pantry; we wanted it all! was born to fulfill all those cravings unmet, and we are genuinely delighted to share this dream coming true with you! Not too long ago, we were sitting exactly in your place, wondering where to find that chanachur. Today, we are inspired and motivated to make our lives and your lives easier, and so here we are with We will do everything we can to get you the touch of home, regardless of the distance.

Got a question or comment? We'd like to hear from you! Drop us a line via our contact page.

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